Written by: Jerry Okuge, Sports 24/7

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare was present at the Mr & Mrs. D.K Olukoya Women’s Basketball Championship game in Lagos on Sunday and he spoke of the progress of basketball in the country.

Sunday Dare, the minister of youth Sports is counting on the Team Nigeria Basketball team to have a successful outing at the fast-approaching Olympic Games.

Dare also praised the emerging basketball talents in the country.

He said: “The Olympics is will start in a matter of days. The Tigress and the Tigers will play and you know that these two teams are talented. They have represented Africa well. They’ve represented Nigeria well. And we look forward to an excellent performance at the Olympics. Team Nigeria consists of the two basketball teams, male and female.”

Asked about the growth of the sport in Nigeria, he adds: “Basketball is on the ascendancy and nothing confirms that like the fact that we would be participating at the Olympics.

“And the fact that you see these young ones playing with so much skill and talent shows that the future of basketball in Nigeria is very bright.”

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